Wikimedia Programs & Events Dashboard

Submitted by urvashi on Sat, 05/26/2018 - 06:59

The Wiki Education Dashboard/Programs & Events Dashboard is a web application that helps people organize groups of newcomers who volunteer their time and hard work to contribute to Wikipedia. It is used by the global Wikipedia Education Program for connecting higher education to the publishing power of Wikipedia and conducting many other thematic in-person and online outreach projects.

Inspiring learning.
Enriching Wikipedia.

The dashboard code runs two main projects: the Wiki Education Dashboard — — and the Wikimedia Programs & Events Dashboard — is used for Wiki Education programs, primarily focused on higher education in the United States and Canada. is for the global Wikimedia community to organize all kinds of programs, including edit-a-thons, education programs, and other events.


Wiki Education connects higher education to the publishing power of Wikipedia. Bridging Wikipedia and academia creates opportunities for any learner to contribute to, and access, open knowledge.


Improving support for photo/media contribution campaigns

Wikipedia isn't just text. Wikipedia articles also include media to make the content more engaging. Wikimedia users conduct media campaigns to encourage more media contributions for enriching Wikipedia. My project involves improving the support for tracking such campaigns.

Initially, I have worked on implementing a justified image gallery, something similar to Google Images and Flickr, using xieranmaya’s post, as a justified gallery would would fit many more images for a good overview.

I am also working on adding pagination using react-paginate for easy scrolling on pages when there are hundreds or thousands of images in a course/program.


Gif of the layout


Apart from that, I’ll be doing a user research with Wikimedians who organise media campaigns as those who work most closely with the dashboard would be best qualified to help us understand how we can identify and prioritize additional improvements.

The past two weeks have been productive and a great learning experience. Thanks to my mentors - Sage Ross and Jonathan Morgan for making this journey as comfortable and welcoming as possible! Looking forward to an incredible summer with Wikimedia!


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