List View vs Gallery View vs Tile View

Submitted by urvashi on Sat, 06/23/2018 - 05:29

The Uploads Tab on Wikimedia Programs & Events Dashboard is going to have a switchable view where the user can choose between a justified gallery, a tabular list and a tile view of the uploads. 


List View vs Gallery View vs Tile View


List View

List View

As seen elsewhere on the dashboard and previously to the current justified gallery view, the List View is simply a tabular list of the upload elements. The table focuses on the image itself and the data related to it: File Name, Uploaded By, Usage Count, Date/Time. 

Pro: The images and the data related both are displayed.

Con: A single upload takes a lot of screen space.

Gallery View

Gallery view on the dashboard

This view is currently live on the dashboard, the uploads are arranged in a justified manner, something similar to Google Images and Flickr.

Pro: Focus is on displaying the maximum images in the space to give a general overview of the uploads made in a course.

Con: The metadata for an image is hidden unless the user hovers over the image.

Tile View

Tile View on the dashboard


The tile view consists of equally sized and spaced tiles. Each tile displays the image as well as the related data.

Pro: It can be considered as something between the List View and the Gallery View - the best of both worlds

Con: Images displayed are rather small in sizes


Deciding on one view which best suits was difficult to implement as the preferrance may vary from one user to the other and also the intentions may vary for a single user. Therefore, the choice is best left on the user.



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